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Thanks for stopping by.  What started out as a way to compile some of the ghost stories and ghostlore that I wrote about in a feature story when I was a reporter for a daily newspaper has turned into a series of books. Whether you're a complete cynic, a skeptic, or a believer, I think there's something to our fascination with the unknown. Here are a few of my books that explore that area.

Haunted Rock & Roll


From rock and roll’s pioneers to its contemporary rebels, the greatest names live on after death―in unexpected and frightening ways. Discover thrilling stories of Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and many more rockers who’ve been seen haunting their favorite bars, clubs, and homes.

Haunted Rock and Roll covers rock’s entire paranormal legacy, allowing you to explore the famous faces, places, and legends that define one of the biggest cultural movements of all time. Experience true stories of rock star ghosts while enjoying trivia and insights from renowned ghost hunters and researchers. Whether they’re making demonic deals for fame or being chased into the afterlife under mysterious circumstances, rockers have followed the same motto: live fast, die young, and leave a restless spirit.

America's Haunted Universities


From haunted libraries to doomed dorms, this book will take you across the country to  the bastions of higher education -- and the center of supernatural activity. This guide explores the strangest and most enduring stories, complete with first-hand accounts from ghost hunters and the tales behind the hauntings as they’ve been handed down through the generations.

Haunted Valley: The Ghosts of Penn State


Ever hear of Schwaboo, a ghost who's just dying to be on stage? Or, the Brumbaugh Poltergeist? Or how about Duke, the haunted Stag? They are just some of the restless spirits who haunt the campuses of Penn State and they're just some of the ghosts you'll meet in the pages of Haunted Valley, the Ghosts of Penn State, a book that will explore haunted buildings, dorms, and grounds of Penn State, its Commonwealth campuses and communities that surround these schools.

More Haunted Rock & Roll


More Haunted Rock & Roll, the sequel to Haunted Rock & Roll, adds more ghost stories, creepy occult legends, and rock star UFO encounters to the extensive paranormal lore of rock and roll. Some of the ghost stories and ghostlore you’ll encounter in More Haunted Rock & Roll, include: - Did  John Lennon return to give his family messages of peace and love?  Jim Morrison got kicked out of Barney’s Beanery, but he may be back on the guest list. Or is that the ghost list? Were the members of the Moody Blues subjects of rock’s first alien abduction? - You may have heard of the Curse of the 27 Club. Get ready for the Grunge Singer Jinx. You’ll get a chance to read about these encounters and a bunch more. The book features over 30 chapters brimming with more stories about rock star ghosts, more rock star paranormal encounters, more haunted rock places, and more rock curses and mysteries.

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